• Put on your favourite music and get a glass of water.
  • Always check for holes in the band before each workout.
  • Do all of these exercises for a minute / chorus / verse/ section of song. The number of reps is simply recommended for starting out, so do what you can and increase the intensity with time.



  • Tie the band in a big loop and loop around your ankles.
  • Side Step keeping tension in the loop at all times. Swing your arms to the front and back as you step.
  • Side Step pointing your toe on each foot.
  • Heel dig, touching heel to floor in front.
  • Do a Leg Curl – curl your heel toward the rear, bending your knees
  • Double step two steps to each side, keeping tension in the band. Add a knee lift at the end.



  • Untie the loop and place behind your shoulders, end in each hand with the band held between your thumb and forefingers. March on the spot, knees high.
  • Push arms forward, keeping them straight and working into the chest. These are called Chest Flyes
  • Push your arms upward in Shoulder Raises, whilst keeping the band wedged under your shoulder blades to avoid ‘pinging’ your head. Do five sets of four reps of each, then move on to the next exercise.
  • Let go of the band, and hold only one end in one hand. Raise the arm, pointing toward the ceiling, then bend at the elbow and let hand fall to behind the neck. Hold one end of the band in this hand, with elbow pointing to ceiling. Hold the other end of the band with your other hand in the small of your back so there is some tension. Extend the top hand toward the ceiling, keeping your elbow high and near your ear in a Tricep Extension. Do at least fifteen repetitions and repeat for other side.
  • Sit on the ground with legs together and straight out in front. Wrap the band around your feet and sit up straight, holding the ends in each hand.
  • Keeping the elbows tucked in, pull the ends of the band towards each side of your hip bones in a Low Row. Think about pinching the shoulder blades together and sitting tall. Do four repetitions.
  • With elbows wide, pull the end of the bands towards your shoulders in a High Row. Do four repetitions.
  • Alternate Low and High Rows for four repetitions each. Try to do five sets altogether.



  • Stand on the middle of the band, with feet nearly hip width and one end of the band in each hand. Stand tall, then sit down into a squat, with your weight into your heels. As you squat down, pull up on the band with each hand (bicep curl) to keep tension in the rubber. Try two sets of ten reps.
  • Tie the band back in a loop, and lying on your side, loop around your ankles. Lie straight on one side, with elbow under shoulder and tummy tucked in.
  • With feet flexed (i.e. toes pulled back) slowly lift the band to maximum tension. Always keep some tension in the band as you lift up as high as you can for twenty repetitions, working into the outer thigh. ‘Pulse’ at the top at the end of twenty reps.
  • After doing the outer thigh on one leg, do the inner thigh of the other. Bend the top leg to stand on the band, behind the straight leg that is lying along the ground. The band is looped under the foot of the back leg and around the ankle / calf of the straight leg.
  • Keeping the foot flexed, raise the straight leg in an upward direction, stretching the loop. Keep some tension in the loop, and move the straight leg up and down for twenty repetitions. After twenty, pulse the leg at the top of the movement.
  • Swivel around 180 degrees so you are on the other side of your body to work the other outer and inner thigh.
  • Hamstring curl: Keeping the band in a loop, lie on your tummy with legs straight and band around lower calf. Feet are flexed as you curl one leg, heel to buttock. Try five sets of four reps on each leg.
  • You can also do buns of steel with the band tied in a loop and around your lower calf.





  • Stand feet hip width on the band, with equal lengths of band up your outer leg, holding each end on each hand witha good amount of tension.
  • As if you were sandwiched between two pieces of glass, bend from side to side, slowly doing side bends, squeezing into the sides (obliques). Do fifteen on each side, ensuring to do them slowly and not jerking.


  • Sit on the floor, with legs straight and band looped around feet (as for high row / log row) and band held in each hand. Sit up tall, pull in your tummy tight, then slowly lower your torso back towards the ground, whilst keeping your heels anchored on the ground. You probably will not get all the way down, 45 degrees is fine. Arms and shoulders are relaxed and band held low so the abs are doing all the work. This is an abdominal roll down. You may have a version of this exercise on your body weight (basic) strength programme, and the band offers extra resistance.
  • Lowering bent legs: With the band looped around both feet, bend your knees to right angles. Gently pulse, pushing your thighs away whilst keeping your knees frozen. You should feel this in your lower abs. Try 20.
  • Lowering straight legs: Lie on the floor on your back. Extend both feet to the ceiling, so your legs are straight up at a ninety degree angle to the floor. Loop the band around both feet and pull hard, so you have a decent amount of tension in the band. Anchor your elbows to the ground. Tucking in your abdominals, slowly lower your straight legs, using the tension of the band to assist. Repeat for ten slowly, going only as far down as is comfortable.
  • Leg Circles (optional – only try this if you have seen it demonstrated). Lie on your back with the band looped around one foot and leg extended in the air. The other leg is straight on the ground with foot flexed. The opposite arms of leg holds the band with elbow anchored on the ground. The other arm is out straight at 90 degrees to body, palm down.
  • Circle the leg with the band on, keeping the circles small to start with. The idea is to keep the abs engaged (i.e. the hips don’t move) whilst circling the legs in as large, slow and circular circle as possible. Try ten in each direction on both legs.



  • Lie on your front with arms outstretched above you and band in one hand. Pulling your tummy in, elevate your torso so your top half is off the ground. Eyes look straight down to keep the neck long. In a ‘windmill’ motion, and keeping your arms straight, move them downward so they meet behind your bottom, where you pass the band from one hand to the other. Move your outstretched arms back up to being outstretched above your head, where you pass the band to the other hand. Continue the circuits and passing the band from one hand to the other. Try 5 – 10 each way (clockwise and anticlockwise), you can have a rest between changing directions.