healthy pasta salad with beetroot and tomato in a box

Nutrition sessions are perfect for those who would like to make changes to their lifestyle, but are perhaps not ready to commit to an exercise programme. It’s amazing how small changes in eating can help improve your energy levels… You can even get a session for a spouse or good friend…

Nutrition sessions cover:

  • A detailed examination of your food diary and a typical eating day
  • A free Healthy Living Yearbook
  • What to eat for energy
  • Balanced eating ideas for vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free and food intolerances
  • What is ideal to eat for breakfast, and healthy snacking
  • Meal and recipe ideas to suit your taste
  • Eating for exercise and what to eat before a big race
  • The importance of hydration

Overhaul your eating for only £50, which includes a free Healthy Living Yearbook, a food diary plus feedback and personalised eating ideas emailed to you.

To book in, simply complete the contact form with your preferred date(s) and time(s).