November 2017

  • Autumnal Happenings
  • It’s Competition Time! Win Foodies Festival tickets
  • Easy Recipe: Post Workout Smoothie
  • Article: Running Through October

October 2017

  • An Autumn Challenge
  • Studio Update
  • Seasonal Recipe: Very Easy Pasta Sauce
  • Article: Staying Younger, Longer

September 2017

  • A shiny new website
  • Healthy Seasonal Recipe: Super easy cucumber gazpacho
  • Article: Anxiety, why worry?
  • And Finally… Leith Festival needs you

August 2017

  • Foodies Festival Ticket Giveaway
  • Easy Seasonal Recipe: How to have a Veggie BBQ
  • Article of the Month: The Art of Chunking
  • And Finally… Surf Manchu Vs Punk Aerobics

July 2017

  • Easy Seasonal Recipe: Popeye’s Omelette
  • Grow Your Own
  • Review: Thriva Health Testing from Home
  • And Finally… Fitness pug Coco eats her greens

June 2017

  • We need your input! A wee survey
  • Upcoming Events
  • Article: The Truth About Marathons
  • Tracy’s Lists: A Running Playlist
  • And Finally… Can Fidgeting Burn Calories?

May 2017

  • Upcoming Events
  • Delicious Snacking Recipe: Roast Maple Pecans
  • Article: The Importance of Dress Rehearsal
  • Tracy’s Lists: 13 Ingredients I Always Have in the Kitchen

April 2017

  • Spacehopper Races
  • Easy Healthy Recipe: A Cashew-good Smoothie
  • Article of the Month: Marathon Training Hacks
  • Tracy’s Lists: Fitting in Extra Fitness
  • And Finally… Activewear. Activewear.

March 2017

  • Easy Healthy Recipe: Mediterranean Pate
  • Recommended Reading: ‘Night School’ by Richard Wiseman
  • Article: Women’s Running Leg Strength Workout
  • Tracy’s Lists: 10 Snacks for On-The-Go

February 2017

  • Update from the Studio
  • Easy Healthy Recipe: Soy Sunflower Seeds
  • Article of the Month: Regain Your Rhythm
  • Tracy’s Lists: 10 Reasons to Run
  • And Finally… Call for Artists

January 2017

  • Punk Aerobics
  • Easy Healthy Recipe: Spiced Baked Apples
  • Article: A Resolution Revelation
  • NEW! Tracy’s Lists: A Ten Minute Workout

December 2016

  • Healthy Gifting Ideas
  • What on Earth is Punk Aerobics?
  • Easy Seasonal Recipe: Smashed Tattie Patties
  • Article: A Fit Body = A Fit Mind, now scientifically proven!
  • NEW! Tracy’s Lists: Winter Running Checklist

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