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February 2020 newsletter

  • Studio Update
  • Easy Healthy Recipe: Hot Roasted Nuts
  • Article of the Month: An exercise secret | terces esicrexe nA
  • And Finally… Epsom Salts Back in Stock

Hello healthy people,
in the studio
Here we are in month two, 2020. How is your new year’s fitness programme going? Remember a little bit regularly will get you on the way. Start small with easy wins and then as the days get longer, you’ll be in the exercise habit and be able to push it more.

Next week I’m running a workshop for the Edinburgh Running Network about ‘Eat Like an Athlete’. Remember I’m available to come and chat at your event or workplace. I love to talk about fitness and food, so do feel free to drop me a line anytime.

Easy Recipe of the Month: Hot Roasted Nuts
Hot roasted nuts are a comforting snack on a dark evening, even better they’re a brilliant source of protein and nutrients. I often use cheapo peanuts mixed with fancy nuts, in a small ovenproof dish to roast them in.

30g mixed raw nuts per person
tiny bit butter / oil
1 tsp seasoning, or to taste

–    Roast nuts in a 180 degree C oven for 15 minutes, agitating every 5 minutes so they don’t burn.
–    Remove from oven, mix in tiny bit of butter or oil and seasoning to coat. There are many flavour options: smoked paprika, ready bought BBQ seasoning, garam masala, sea salt, maple syrup – experiment and find your favourite.
–    Return to the oven for 2 minutes, and then enjoy your hot nuts.

Article of the Month: An exercise secret | terces esicrexe nA

We have a thing in our brains called ‘mirror neurons’ that help us learn movement. They are neurons that fire when we’re observing someone do something (in our mind we’re mimicking them). Basically we’re happy when we’re mirroring someone else. It makes up feel in synch, and is part of the reason why old married couples start to look alike (they mirror each other, in an empathetic manner). Mirroring others helps us get on in life, as we’re more attracted to people who look like us. So if you’d like to flatter someone, ‘mirror’ their posture and mannerisms. Not too much, that would be weird!

With exercising, mirroring is very effective in getting correct movement. If a picture paints a thousand words, me showing you what a squat looks like is more effective than describing it. This is why, when instructing, I will often do the first few reps with my client. I can correct their form as we go along. It’s not because I want a workout, but because I have found it is the most effective way to ensure effective technique…

Of course, instructors can’t do that in the gym, as they need to show you the machine first, and then you do it. The important thing about bodyweight exercise (without equipment, using the weight of the body as resistance) is that you need to learn the correct posture and range of movement. Your body is the equipment! It’s smarter exercise too, but more on that in March…

And Finally… Epsom Salts Back in Stock
There’s nothing more relaxing than a warming Epsom salts bath after a tough workout. Magnesium in the salt is absorbed through the skin and can help aid muscle function and recovery. I’m such a fan that I stock Epsom salts at Griffen Fitness. They’re only £3.50 for a 1kg bag, available directly from the studio (by appointment).


Have a happy and healthy February,
Tracy 🙂