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April 2019

  • Spring has sprung!
  • Easy Healthy Recipe: Iced Coffee
  • Article of the Month: Exercise and the Brain
  • And Finally… Cococam Coming Soon

Hello healthy people,

Spring has sprung and it’s time to get a spring in your step – it might even make you smarter (see article). It’s a fab time of year to get out and about, and this weekend I’ll be running the Kilomathon with one of my regular PT clients. Drop me a line if you’d like me to help you prepare for an event – sports programming is one of my specialties. Big events can seem daunting, however if you break it down into small component parts, anyone can achieve their goals.

Testimonial of the Month
“Such a fabulous experience. It was so nice to be supported on my journey to getting fitter. The advice was excellent, the level was just perfect and Tracy was patient and encouraging at all times. I felt totally comfortable with the one to one sessions which were varied and stimulating and thanks to Tracy’s suggestion, my wobble board has transformed my core muscles and sense of balance. As well as your fitness training, Tracy offers: nutritional information, PDF’s of all your workouts, email support – a bargain!” Louise O, March 2019

Easy Healthy Recipe: Homemade Iced Coffee
Caffeine can help boost athletic performance by reducing perceived fatigue. Chris Hoy took his own coffee machine to the Beijing Olympics, and look what happened. If you are an athlete, you need to know specifically how much caffeine personally works for you. For this reason, I prefer making my coffee at home (rather than cafes) where coffee strength varies wildly.

Refreshing iced coffee works best with espresso (brewed strong black coffee), which I make in a stovetop moka pot. I like a wee bit of sugar, and will often use a dash of sugar syrup (like the professionals). To make sugar syrup: in a pan, heat one cup of water with one cup of white sugar and stir until sugar is dissolved. Store a bottle in the fridge to have on hand (I use plastic bottle with a sports top to add just a dash).

To make ideal iced coffee, chuck a handful of ice, a shot or two of espresso coffee, half a cup of organic milk (or alt-milk) and a squeeze of sugar syrup (optional) into a sports shaker (or cocktail shaker). Shake, strain and enjoy. Drink 30 minutes to an hour before exercise. Experiment with your preferred strength. You can also use instant coffee, if it’s too granular, dissolve it in a little hot water, then chill before use. Higher fat milk will reduce the Glycaemic Index so the caffeine will take longer to have effect, whilst added sugar gives you a quicker energy peak (then trough). You can have iced Americano (black), which will give you the ‘purest’ buzz. Remember to hydrate well after any caffeinated beverage.

Article of the Month: Exercise and The Brain

Active April calendar

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about exercise and the brain. You can find a reading list of brain-related books on the Griffen Fitness Facebook page. Not on Facebook? Email me and I’ll send it to you directly. Movement and exercise can help new brain cells regenerate, and also help you retain knowledge better. A scientific study showed that students who followed half hour of study with half an hour of aerobic exercise retained more knowledge than if they were sedentary. It can also help you be happier on a neurological scale, everyday activity is the way to go (see calendar pictured above).

I will be running a NEW workshop on how Exercise Affects the Brain going into the scientific research is greater detail. The date is yet to be confirmed, but if you’re interested in reserving your place and learning how exercise can make you smarter, email me and I will save you a place.
And Finally…Cococam Coming Soon
CococamAs well as exercise, the company of a dog can also help boost mood. Resident dog Coco is a qualified Therapet, and she ‘helps’ out in the studio by being cute in general, and easing nervous exercisers… A multi-talented pet, she will soon be my cameradog… Cococam coming soon!

Have a happy and healthy April,
Tracy 🙂