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  • NEW! Online Shop!
  • Easy Healthy Recipe: Spinach and Feta Omelette
  • Article of the Month: 10 Runs From Leith
  • Recommended Reading… A Monks Guide to Happiness

Hello healthy people,

We’re past halfway through the year! How did that happen? New year’s resolutions may feel like a lifetime ago. The landscape has changed since then, and perhaps your priorities have too. However, your own health should always be a priority. Especially if you’re caring for others, staying fit and healthy will mean you can look after others better.

It needn’t take much, and that’s why webcam workout participants are benefiting from just a 30 minute session each week – as well as an energetic workout, there’s a chance to check in to ensure you’re on track. Time seems to be elastic at the moment, sometimes a week speeds by, sometimes it goes slowly, so it’s helpful to have a hand to help you stick to your intentions.

NEW! Online Shop
Griffen Fitness now has an online shop, where you can purchase PT sessions individually, as a gift, or even for when lockdown ends. We’re not sure when we can reopen the studio, it’s looking a bit like early August. But in the meantime, I’d be more than happy to meet you for a PT session in your local park, or a garden. You can even book in for a one-off session if you’re needing some motivation…

Easy Healthy Recipe: Spinach and Feta Omelettemonster spinach at the allotment

Popeye the sailor man had it right when he glugged cans of spinach – it’s high in iron to give you energy. Vegetarian women in particular are at risk of being anaemic, so enjoy your leafy greens! We grew some monster spinach at the allotment (see photo), but even a massive bag of leaves cooks down to a surprisingly small amount. Don’t skimp on the spinach, chuck loads in!

Big bag of spinach, no need to be specific, washed and de-stemmed
1/2 block feta cheese, crumbled
4 free-range eggs, beaten with a…
splash of milk (optional)
1 onion / some spring onions, chopped
2 cloves garlic, finely chopped
Glug of your preferred cooking oil, I use rapeseed
Some of your fav chopped fresh herbs

– Put just washed and still-damp spinach in an oven-proof frying pan on a low heat to wilt. Pop in a colander to drain juice and wipe clean pan. Chop wilted spinach.
– In same pan, saute onion and garlic in the oil.
– When translucent, add back in chopped wilted spinach and distribute evenly around pan.
– Pour in egg and milk mixture and cook on a medium low heat.
– You may wish to pop on a big lid (I use an old silver platter) so egg cooks evenly.
– When egg is nearly set, sprinkle on crumbled feta cheese.
– Pop under a medium grill until cooked. Garnish with chopped herbs.
– Enjoy hot or cold!

Article of the Month: 10 Runs from Leith
May was a good month to map my ten favourite runs that leave from Griffen Fitness and return to same point (EH6 5BY). All runs are 5km to 10km and as off-road as possible. I drew the routes on an old Spokes map of Edinburgh, it looks a bit like the tube map of London. Click here for the 10 routes.

running map of Leith
Recommended Reading… A Monks Guide to Happiness
A Monks Guide to Happiness: Meditation in the 21st Century‘ by Gelong Thubten came into my life at the right time. This is a wonderful gentle read with practical mindfulness exercises. Highly recommended!

Have a happy and healthy July,
Tracy 🙂