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December 2018

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  • ‘Damage Control’ Winter Workshop
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Hello healthy people,Coco as santa claws

This is not another fitness newsletter telling you not to eat or drink too much over December. When I started writing this newsletter, I realised that I write the same healthy advice every December. We all know that mince pies are hugely calorific, so enjoy the season, as 2019 is lurking just around the corner!

However if you would like a bit of advice on staying in shape over the silly season I highly advise you pop by my workshop next Tuesday evening – it’s all about Damage Control and will include lots of nutritional hints and tips as well as a simple workout you can do in front of the Christmas tree. More info and how to book on the Facebook event page

Testimonial of the MonthCoco with pom pom
Increasingly I have been training clients between 60 and 80 years old, you’re never too old to start exercising:
“I’m a lady of 78 years, and I first contacted Tracy to see if there was anything she could do help me develop my strength and balance after a period of difficulty with falls and muscle pain. I was not hopeful, to be honest.
Tracy designed a programme that could be done from a seated position, and also while standing safely. I began to feel the benefit after about a couple of weeks, and now do my strength workout most days. My doctor urged me to continue, and I’d advise anyone at my stage in life to do the same. Thanks Tracy!”   – Jean A, November 2018

Griffen Fitness Gifts

Coco in Christmas scarf

Not only will you be helping a loved one to a good start for the new year, but you’ll also be supporting a wee business that does it’s best to help the local community. Share the love…

Have a happy and healthy festive season,
(and enjoy your indulgences)
Tracy & Coco the fitness pug