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  • The Last Hurrah of Punk Aerobics
  • Easy Healthy Recipe: Tasty Toasty Oats
  • Article of the Month: Five Minute Stair Workout
  • Good Book Review: Overcoming Perfectionism

Hello healthy people,

The equinox has passed and we’re hurtling into autumn. It’s a great time to make sure you’re exercising enough before the dark nights of winter set in. It’s all about habit-forming. If you’re still not sure…

Did you know that Griffen Fitness offers a FREE phone consultation?
If you’re wondering whether you can benefit from personalised 121 PT sessions, message me for an obligation-free phone chat. Alternatively feel free to phone me on 07743 741088. Always happy to help, and I promise not to sell to you (I prefer running to selling any day!).

The Last Hurrah of Punk Aerobics

Punk Aerobics

Leith Depot is the home to punk aerobics, so it only seems right to have a final hurrah in their last month. Punk aerobics is my personal reaction to politics – we started it in 2017 after Trump got in, and the format of the session is ten songs with a different punk dance move (i.e. pogo to the Ramones, always the second track in the ‘workout’).

Here’s what one participant has to say:

“Loved it – definitely different and just ladies moshing it out and not caring about what others think…LOL!”

Join us for some daft fun from 7pm – 8pm Monday 21st October. Entry is by donation, all proceeds going to the Save Leith Walk campaign. Here’s the Facebook invite:

Easy Healthy Recipe: Tasty Toasty OatsCoco fitness pug with raspberries
This is an easy lower-fat version of granola that is as versatile as it is yummy. I’ve been enjoying toasty oats with allotment-fresh raspberries (see pic) and yoghurt, what a treat.

160g, or round 2 cups old-fashioned whole oats
40g, or around 1/2 cup flaked almonds
30g, or around 1/4 cup sunflower seeds
mixed spice (optional)
Salt / sugar to taste

–    Preheat oven to 150 degrees C.
–    Place oats in a large baking tray / roasting dish. You can add a wee bit of sugar / salt to taste.
–    Toast oats in oven for 25 minutes, shoogling every 8 minutes or so.
–    Add flaked almonds and sunflower seeds, return to oven for another 2 rounds of 5 minutes. Remember to agitate.
–    If it’s taking too long, pop the grill on, but keep a close eye on it!
–    Cool and store in an air-tight container, use within a fortnight.

Article of the Month: Five Minute Stair workout

1.    Walk up and down your stairs twice to warm up.
2.    Run up the stairs and jog back down, twice.
3.    Run up the stairs two at a time and jog back down, twice
4.    Jump with both feet onto the first step and step back down. Do this ten times.
5.    Optional: Jump with both feet onto the second step and step back down (you may need to hold the banister). Do this ten times.
6.    Run up the stairs two at a time and jog back down, twice.
7.    Run up the stairs and jog back down, twice.
8.    Cool down by walking up the stairs and back down again.

Good Book Review: Overcoming Perfection
Many of us strive for perfection, and may view high achievers as enviably successful. Reading ‘Overcoming Perfectionism : a self-help guide using cognitive behavioural techniques’ by Roz Shafran illustrates that there are many associated issues that may hinder self-development (i.e. self-critical beliefs, ‘all-or-nothing’ thinking and unattainable standards) and creating anxiety (i.e. “I’m not good enough”). The ‘Overcoming’ CBT series of books are clearly written and easy to follow workbooks, I highly recommend this book if you’re feeling uneasy with your own successes, or say ‘should’ a lot…

Have a happy and healthy October,
Tracy 🙂