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April 2018

  • What’s in Season in the Allotment
  • Healthy Seasonal Recipe: Not-so-stewed Rhubarb
  • Fad or Fab: Runderwear
  • Article: Coming Out of Hibernation

Hello healthy people,

I hope you had a relaxing Easter and that your chocolate was all good quality dark stuff. Now we’re gearing up for the warmer weather, it’s an ideal time to start implementing a  time-effective exercise programme. Drop me a line if you need a hand. If you’ve previously done fitness training with me, why not book in for a fitness MOT, a one-off session? We can check your measurements and progress, and put together a plan for you to work towards over the longer days.

I love our allotment at Pilrig Park, we’ve had it just over a year (we moved from further afield) and I’m starting to get to know the lay of the land. I find it very relaxing to do a spot of gardening in between PT sessions, and Coco loves it too. We’ve just harvested the last of the leeks and parsnips, and are starting to pick lovely bright pink rhubarb. See my photos below with descriptions:

Easy Seasonal Recipe: Not-so-Stewed Rhubarb
Fresh pink stalks of rhubarb do not need over-cooking. This method is gentle and very easy, with the resulting fruity mess delicious on natural yoghurt and muesli for breakfast.

A Few sticks of rhubarb, washed and cut into inch long pieces
A splash of orange juice
Small spoon of sugar / honey / your preferred sweetener

– Place rhubarb and splash of OJ (just to cover bottom) in a pan on a low heat.
– when bubbling, cover and simmer for 5 – 10 minutes.
– Add a spoon of sugar to taste. Easy.

Fad or Fab: Runderwear
This is the return of an of a post where I review fitness products: this month Runderwear underwear, specialised underwear for running (as the name would suggest). Apparently “engineered for comfort” and chafe-free, these are dedicated running dacks. High waisted design has an added bonus, it’s excellent to wear gardening in chilly weather. Even though I’ll probably stick with my M & S cotton pants for everyday wear, these are a special treat (£16) that any runner would enjoy receiving as a present. Fab!

Article: Coming Out of Hibernation
The weather has been unseasonally cold lately, which means many of us have not been leaping back into exercise quite as planned. There’s reasonable weather forecast on the horizon, so if you’ve had an extended break (it may be from winter illness), be sure to ease yourself back into it gently. Here are some tips:

– Start small and build up. It’s better to do an easy 5km jog then a beastly 15km fast run and be disappointed at not doing it easily. Make it easy for yourself to succeed in your training programme and you will enjoy it more, do it more regularly and be less likely to get injured.
– Wear a heart rate monitor and keep your HR in the cardio zone (below lactate acid threshold). Go for a longer time at a lower HR and improve easily. Don’t know what this is? Book in and I’ll show you!

– Remember strength training. Basic strength exercises can be done in front of the TV on dreich days and will get you strong for when the weather improves. There’s no reason not to do indoors exercise.
– Keep an eye on weather forecast and schedule outdoor workouts for fairer days. Now the evenings are lighter, after work is also an option.
– Be prepared. Have your kit ready, so when there is a sunny day (like last Sunday and today!) you can get outdoors without having to find everything.
– Invest in layers; merino wool and waterproofs will make rainy weather more enjoyable to exercise in.
– If you have a furry companion, combine obligatory dog walks with some exercise. Sprint drills are extra fun with a wee beastie running after you.

Have a happy and healthy April,
Tracy 🙂