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Testimonial of the Month
Easy Healthy Recipe: Coco Iced Coffee (vegan)
Article: An Honest Review of JustEat Cycles
Recommended Reading: Judy Murray’s Autobiography

Hello healthy people,

What a warm summer! In fact, on the hottest day this year I tried out the new JustEat City hire bikes, see my article below.

Testimonial of the Month:
“Tracy showed me lots of ways to incorporate exercise in to my daily routine. She is very considered in her approach, reassuring and responsive. But also expects you to do the work! (After all, no-one else can do it for you). Great to have a private, 1 to 1 space, and her book is packed full of interesting and useful things.” – Claire M, July 2019

Easy Healthy Recipe of the Month: Coco Iced Coffee (vegan)
Experimenting with iced coffee recipes, I discovered coconut and coffee are a good combo. I’m not vegan, but sometime I like to give dairy a break. Don’t do an Anton on Love Island and dehydrate after drinking too much coffee and working out in hot weather.

A shot or two of espresso, perhaps leftover stovetop coffee
150mL or thereabouts of coconut water

– Shake together in a smoothie (or cocktail) shaker. Drink in moderation!

Article: An Honest Review of JustEat Cycles
Cycling is an obvious solution to getting around a small bustling city. The wind in your hair, the freedom to to move, the simplicity of the machine. On the hottest day this year I had a city bike adventure on the new ‘Just Eat’ hire bikes. These hire bikes are not like normal bicycles – they’re robust enough to live on the street, supposedly vandal and weather-proof. This means they are heavy, very heavy. I’m a pretty fit cyclist and set myself the challenge of cycling up to town from Leith Walk as quickly as possible. On the hottest day. It was a challenge!

JustEat city bikeFirstly you need to download the Just Eat app to your smartphone. This step is what put me off hiring one in the first place. App downloaded (without any obvious spamming potential) I added £3 to my account for a full day hire (it’s £1.50 for a single hour or £90 for a year). There’s a map of bike stations on the app or website – simply go to a bike stance with the app open and a bike will unlock. Pull the bike out, prop the bike up with the bike stand and adjust the seat to your height. There are only 3 gears, which are very easy to use. Off I wobbled on the most solid two wheels in town. I opted for my usual route of the backstreets then up Broughton Street. It was difficult to get speed up down hills (I imagine the bikes are speed limited), but it was very comfortable nonetheless. Getting up Dublin Street in the heat was interesting, not easy to stand up on the pedals due to the ergonomics of the design. But I got to the St Andrew’s Square in reasonable time. Docking is easy, just shove it in the stand and your phone will beep to let you know you’re docked safely.

Read the rest of the article on the Griffen Fitness website

Recommended Reading: Judy’s Murray’s Autobiography
If you’re needing a kick up the backside to get motivated, I highly recommend you read ‘Know The Score: My Family and Our Tennis Story‘ by Judy Murray. I had no knowledge of Judy’s life, an she truly is an inspirational person, as well as coach to her tennis champion sons Andy & Jamie. The world of sports and coaching needs more women, but hopefully not always having to fight as much as she has. True grit.

Have a happy and healthy August,
Tracy 🙂