Workplace Workouts

Tracy writing on a clipboard by a table with the Healthy Living Yearbook

Workplace Workouts is a unique fitness programme for offices and workplaces of all sizes. We spend more than half of our waking lives at work, so being healthier at work is an essential part of being healthy overall. The sessions are presented by Personal Trainer Tracy Griffen and are engaging and suitable for all levels of fitness.

The backbone of the programme is a ‘no sweat’ toning session, a workout that works all of your muscles and is easy to follow. Workplace Workouts are a great way to help your staff bond, and learn more about fitness and well-being at the same time. The exercises are safe and effective, and participants don’t even need to change their clothes.

Before each toning session there is opportunity for discussion on various nutrition and fitness related topics. Sessions can be done easily and safely in a meeting room, or even an open plan office. The focus is on a group dynamic, however individual feedback is available as part of the course.

Each week builds upon the knowledge of the previous week, with the group building up the information they need on how they can lead healthier lifestyles. As the programme progresses, there’s less talking and more action. However, throughout the course the underlying philosophy is to have fun! Tracy also offers 1 2 1 email support to all participants as part of the package, and all of the exercises are emailed to the group so they can try them at home. The programme is taken as a term of sessions, over 4 – 10 consecutive weeks, and is tailored to your needs and employee demographic.

Here’s what a participant from a recent Workplace Workouts at Northern Lighthouse Board had to say:

“I think the Workplace Workouts have been great.  People who wouldn’t necessarily go to a gym have been encouraged to come along and find out exercise isn’t as hard or daunting as it might look.  Having it in the workplace encourages people to attend as they don’t have to go too far to benefit.  There’s also the competitive element of being with your workmates, so more effort might be put in than otherwise.  Having a personal trainer on hand is absolutely brilliant, and we’ve been very lucky to have this.”

workplace workouts


1. Individuals gain the knowledge they need to start living a healthier lifestyle.

2. They will have been motivated by working out – feeling muscles they didn’t know they had! Exercise naturally releases endorphins, so you’ll have a happy workforce!

3. Working as a group encourages team dynamics.

4. In line with the Healthy Working Lives initiative run by the NHS, it’s promoting healthier workplaces. This programme can also be used as accreditation towards Healthy Working Lives awards.

5. Healthier staff means less absenteeism from sickness.