This probably sounds dramatic and a bit over the top, but with Tracy’s help I feel I now have an opportunity to change my life and potentially live longer, enjoying life.   I can’t emphasise enough the sense of shock when Tracy measured my weight and body fat on my first day – I was obese and I thought I was just a bit overweight.  Hearing the word obese was enough to motivate me to take on board very seriously all of the advice Tracy gave me.  She has provided me with the tools to improve my health, lose weight, strengthen my body and most importantly begin to understand the significance of what and when you put fuel into your body.  I was a chocoholic and one of the positive things for me was knowing that I didn’t have to give it up all together. I was a bar of chocolate a day man and now i’m maybe eating a piece of chocolate a day, but better quality!  But I’m eating more fruit and veg and loving it – Tracy’s book is fantastic too – all sorts of tips and recipes.

I’m exercising regularly and it’s fun, particularly when you realise how much better you feel. And the good part, in six weeks I’ve lost three inches off my waist, lost half a stone in weight, improved my blood pressure level, reduced my body fat to the point where with a little more effort I will be in the acceptable range!  My stamina for running has improved and I feel stronger, oh yes and looking in the mirror isn’t as frightening as it used to be!

It’s great working with Tracy and her knowledge of her fitness and nutrition is absolutely amazing!  If you have been hesitating on engaging the services of a personal trainer, look no further.  Don’t think of it in monetary terms, this is an investment in your life!

John McL, August 2013