If there was one thing that I thought had been life changing in the last 12 months, it would be signing up to do exercise with Tracy. I started this year being about two stone overweight, with low body confidence, but most importantly with absolutely no experience of exercising. At school, I had been the child who handed in the sick notes, and made excuses, and as an adult I used the fact that I walk around quite a lot as a way of saying that I was “healthy”. But in truth I wasn’t, and with Tracy’s care, diligence, and good humour, all that has changed. I have lost the two stone, have more energy, am happier, am more focused, and strangest of all… I look forward to exercise. I used to roll my eyes are people who went running in the morning, or did Zumba, or enjoyed a good stretch, and now I am one of them! I look forward to my sessions with Tracy, I find myself genuinely wanting to get better and to do more, and when I get there I feel a buzz I’ve never experienced before. Tracy’s approach means that you settle in to exercise in your own way. It’s entirely tailored to you, and although you feel that you’re working, it’s nothing like the shouty, mean, aggressive fitness sessions you see on TV that get short term fixes but not long term results. Tracy is firm, and she does get you to stick to things, but she’s also fair, and she works with you to try and make exercise and a healthy lifestyle fit realistically into your life. She’ll even let you eat chocolate cake if that’s what you’re craving. Her approach means that being healthy will really be a consistent part of my life from now on, and for someone who didn’t even used to own trainers, is incredible. Thank you Tracy for everything – looking forward to 2016!

Georgia A, December 2015