Want to beat the blues and get fitter and stronger into the bargain?

I contacted Tracy in November 2010, partly to help manage depression and partly to build up my fitness levels.  The results are impressive – I sleep better and get healthy endorphin highs from aerobic exercise.   And despite being a petite little thing, I have toned up and firmed up body; my husband enquired recently about the disappearance of my jelly belly.

I really liked the discipline of working with Tracy.  She’s clear that you’ll get results if you put the effort in, with her role being to devise a programme that suits your fitness goals and dovetails with your other commitments.  I got sent off to do three cardio and three strength sessions per week.  And to keep a food diary.  In a world where I co-ordinate the rhythms and routines of three young children, it was a really big psychological relief for me to have someone telling me what to do.  Knowing that Tracy was going to be assessing my progress kept me going; without such structured input I’d never have seen through the early days of this fitness regime.

I persevered, thanks to being committed to five sessions with Tracy.  I deliberated over my diary, sorting out when I could fit in an aerobic session, how best to work strength sessions around the kids.  For the first time in a long time I prioritised something for me and liberally used Tracy’s name as justification.  ‘Does Tracy Griffen say you have to do that, Mum?’ became a popular refrain in our house.  ‘She did’, I’d reply as I counted out another ten Swiss ball squats.

Tracy got me to do things I wouldn’t normally have considered.  She got me running which was a little unexpected but has been very rewarding.  And hula hooping.  At the end of the day, Tracy has given me a fitness platform from which to move forwards.  It’s been great for both for my physical and my mental well-being.  Beats counselling any day for mild depression.

Dr Hazel, May 2011