It was my other half that first introduced me to Tracy. He’d had enough of me moaning about my niggling I.T. Band or my creaking knees or any of my other excuses for running (or not running). Tracy, he assured me, would sort this out by teaching me how to run injury free. And he was right!

I signed up for a course of five sessions. With each I was introduced to a new fun challenge/ exercise as well as working on my strength and stretching programme. I am not the type of person that likes working out in the confines of a gym so I enjoyed the variety of Tracy’s training methods, from skipping to hula hooping, running intervals and circuit training in Pilrig Park to heart rate monitor training.

My strength programme was worked out by Tracy specifically for my needs. To be effective it must be completed at least three times a week. I must confess if I miss a session I feel I am letting not only myself down but also Tracy. She is so easy to work with, full of encouragement and support. Each session is followed with an email, outlining what we had covered and clear instructions on how to perform the new exercises.

Tracy has provided me with the tools to improve my running form and general fitness. She has also given me much advice on nutrition and has put the fun back into exercise. I feel confident now that my new skills will help me train for my next marathon injury free! Thank you Tracy.

Dorothy M, September 2012