I first contacted Tracy in June 2012. The previous month, I’d just become a father for the second time and after getting through the new baby “fog” (lack of sleep), I realised that by supporting my wife and also eating for two, I was overweight, unfit and had a real low self esteem. I needed to do something and contacted Tracy after seeing her in the local press.

After six months, I’ve lost about 19kg, reduced my body fat by 6% and lost 8.5 inches off my waist. More importantly, my blood pressure is now normal, I’m buying size Large clothes (not XXL) which my wife says has boosted my confidence and I can play with my kids without losing my breath. Tracy’s role has been central in achieving these results including excellent dietary advice, varied training sessions involving circuit training, running, weights work, band work (which has led to a new personal “addiction” to running) – all without being too “preachy”, getting me to a place I’d never thought I’d achieve. Thank you Tracy.

Dan R, January 2013