When I could no longer fit into a single one of my work-suits, my increasing weight had gone from being something I could pretend was not a problem to an expensive problem I had to deal with. I came to Tracy challenging her to help me fit back into my old suits for the same fee as I would have spent on new ones. My other challenge was for her to help me find my love for running again. After six weekly 1 hour sessions with Tracy, I was back in my suits. After eight weeks I was back in my pre-pregnancy skinny jeans. After ten weeks I was in love with running again and I had lost 10 kg.

Why did it work for me? I put it down partly to having a competent training ‘buddy’ who wants you to do well, who encourages you and who challenges you to do more, go farther and to go faster; someone who holds you accountable for the promises you make to yourself. But it is also her use of apps and online tools to encourage a lifestyle change through diet and variety of exercise. Having Tracy chasing me around my garden in the rain with cans of coconut milk for weights or any of the fab props she brings for our sessions is both time and money very well invested.
I would recommend her anytime!

Cecilia W, November 2013