If you’re stuck in a rut and would like to improve your fitness level but don’t quite know how to go about it, go make an appointment with Tracy. I am so glad that I did. Tracy helped me to change my mindset to exercise by devising a fitness programme that I could manage and more importantly for me a programme that I now want to follow. Tracy introduced me to 30 min sessions of brisk walking using a cardio monitor, and I just can’t believe how much I love it! Me loving exercise? Never thought I’d say that! Exercise is only part of the story, Tracy also encouraged me to think about my diet, using a food diary. Seeing what you eat in black and white sure makes you want to make a few tweaks! It’s now 7 weeks since I started my sessions and yes I’m delighted that I have lost inches and weight, but much than that I feel so much more positive about my health. I am stronger, have better stamina and just happier in my own skin. I owe Tracy my thanks for sharing her knowledge in a such a kind way.

Carol Gentle, June 2016