Personal Trainer Testimonials

If you find yourself stuck like I did in an ‘exercise rut’ not getting any stronger or faster Tracy can provide you with a wealth of advice on both health and fitness.

Lynne, December 2009

“Great news for anyone who hates gyms, mirrors and lycra. Griffen has ways to make your muscles work.”

Scotsman Newspaper magazine, September 2006

The Fitness Diaries

Tracy trained the publisher of Bite magazine, with an ongoing journal ‘The Fitness Diaries’ published monthly in Bite from June 2005 onwards:
Reproduced with kind permission of Bite.

June 2005

“Would you like to get into shape for the summer but have no spare time?”
When I read the above advert, it sounded right up my street. So, over the next three months (and in the interests of journalism) I’m committing to following the ‘Fitness With Tracy Griffen’ programme. You, dear reader, get to read all about my success or failure.

What most attracted me to Tracy’s programme is that it’s tailored to the individual. We all know that you can lose weight by eating less and exercising more, yet many of us fail to reach our goal. This is partially because we have our individual weaknesses, chocolate and alcohol being just two I’ll admit to.

My initial consultation involved me keeping a food diary and alcohol audit so that Tracy could assess my habits. My diary revealed some good things and some bad. Generally I make good food choices and enjoy exercise. However, I tend to eat late at night and my body has become used to the low impact exercise I do.

Together we set a simple goal: to get into my old jeans. Tracy suggested a 6 week time frame. She also recommended that I work on two specific things to start with. Firstly, eating more earlier in the day and less towards the evening, with no snacking after 9pm. Secondly, to shake up my exercise routine by running and swimming smaller distances and increasing the speed. These two simple changes should assist will burning fat and becoming leaner.

I left my first session feeling that the initial changes Tracy asked me to make were very achievable. I am writing this article mid May, so that gives me five weeks. We’re meeting on a weekly basis over the coming weeks, so next month I’ll update you and let you know whether I am into those jeans!

July 2005

As regular Bite readers will know I have committed to the Tracy Griffen fitness programme for 3 months. My goal is to get into my old jeans within the first 6 weeks so what have I achieved in four?

Tracy has tailored my programme to fit my lifestyle. In her initial consultation she looked at my habits via a food and alcohol audit and suggested that changing two would see fast results. Firstly I was to eat earlier in the day and banish my bad habit of late night snacking, specifically I was to not eat anything after 9pm. Secondly I was to do 3 sets of 20 mins of high intensity cardio 3 times a week.

I have changed my habit of late night snacking and have become a herbal tea jenny, sipping away on peppermint, nettle or fennel. This has made me feel far less sluggish at night and in the morning and has been a very good habit to break. I have also tried to do the 3 sets of cardio. It’s not too much to ask is it? A weekly consultation with Tracy has kept me motivated as have some frantic texts (Q: I have severe munchies, what do I do? A: unsalted popcorn; Q: Do I have to run tonight? A: Think how good you’ll feel in 20 mins))

The result: after 4 weeks my clothes are looser and my overall fitness level is a lot better as my metabolism is working faster. In fact both mentally and physically I feel stronger, more capable and far less stressed! People have commented that I look well and my boyfriend says my bum is definitely smaller!

The main benefit of the program is that it is specifically designed for me and I have constant access to professional advice. As for those jeans? Watch This Space!

August 2005

I have been following the Tracy Griffen fitness programme for precisely two months. This page has the title Mind, Body, Soul. Using these headings, I will tell you how the programme has affected me.

Mind – Two things have been key here. Firstly, motivation A weekly session with Tracy has kept me on track. It ensures that I am doing the exercises properly and thus getting the maximum benefit from them. Nothing beats one to one tuition and constant access (via phone, text, email) to expert advice.

Secondly I have changed my habits. I now eat the bulk of my food earlier in the day which means I am more likely to burn the calories. Alcohol has been a tough one but once I realised how many calories I have to burn after a drink before I start to burn fat, I got a wake up call.

It’s a psychological thing! You can change if you want to!

Body – I am leaner, more toned and my fitness levels have improved dramatically. I can now exercise practically every day and I no longer feel achy or tired. I regularly run and swim as well as doing yoga once a week and trying to walk and cycle more. I also follow Tracy’s strength and stretching programme which involves abdominal exercises, lunges, squats and weights. Basically I am doing more exercise than I would have thought possible two months ago.

Soul – I feel tons better. I realise that diet and exercise are long term, lifestyle changes. We really are what we eat, and if you fill your body full of nutrients not only do you perform better but you feel better all day everyday. Life becomes less stressed and more relaxed and you start to appreciate the important things more New age pyschobabble it may be, but it beats sugar cravings and hangovers!

Result? Yes, I can fit into my old jeans! More news next month…

September 2005

When I signed up for my fitness with Tracy Griffen programme 3 months ago I expected to lose weight, tone up and become fitter and I have indeed achieved all these things. However, I think it is also important to emphasise what I have gained over and above this and the lifestyle changes I have experienced.

When I started the programme I thought I ate quite well and was relatively fit, however, with hindsight I now realise that I was inconsistent with my eating and exercise. Exercise is now part of my life. I start to miss running if I haven’t been out for two or three days, and once you regularly exercise you naturally think more about what you eat and drink. So, for example, I don’t drink too much on a Friday because I now like running on a Saturday morning. I also eat lots of fruit and complex carbohydrates like porridge and muesli because I know they will give me energy for my lunch or teatime run. And you have to drink plenty of water.

As a result my PMT is significantly better, my hair, skin and nails are noticeably better and mentally I am more alert and less stressed. I also feel physically stronger and am able to fight off colds etc more easily. I don’t get over tired when shopping or running around town and I generally have more energy and a more positive attitude towards life and all it has to offer.

And lastly my friends have started to follow suit. Two have started running, one has taken on her own west coast based fitness trainer and my sixty six year old mother phoned me this weekend to tell me she has joined the local gym!

All the above alongside a weekly consultation and updated exercise programme from Tracy has ensured that I keep motivated. If you would like to change your life for the better, contact Tracy.