Personal Trainer Reviews

“Absolutely love how simple, quick and effective the sessions with Tracy are! I had started sessions with her before lockdown and found her approach very refreshing. Her instructions are simple and easy to follow. I love the PDFs, which have pictures and pointers of all the exercises, so it’s really easy to repeat the workouts at home.

Really pleased to discover that Tracy was doing online sessions, which are proving very helpful indeed. Especially when I’m feeling lethargic, with working from home. If I’m feeling a bit fed up she’ll always make me laugh and more importantly feel a whole lot better! Knew I was doing the right thing booking more classes as the lockdown continues.”

Edwina H, March 2021

“I went to Tracy because of lockdown but secondly because I did not want to exercise IN a gym but outside and not part of a Military Fitness gung-ho set-up. So, the initial motives were negative but the experience has been far from that.

I’ve enjoyed sessions out in local parks going to some that I never knew existed, had a breakneck speed bike ride with exercises at the end (no allowances for age, wind or unfitness given – ie. good!) and when necessary exercises with my minimal equipment in my study. They are entertaining and positive and repeatable.

I will continue with Tracy after all this pandemic horror is over and I will do so with pleasure and because I want to – she’s fun and worthwhile.”

Johnny B, February 2021

“I like Tracy’s common sense approach to exercise. This book is perfect if you want to get fit, but don’t fancy going to a gym. It’s especially relevant in these COVID times when we are spending much more time at home. I can highly recommend it.”

Sue L, November 20


“Tracy was super for us, working on stretching and strengthening in Victoria Park during the easing out of the lockdown. She understood our goals and worked on helping us technically but also to find a place & time in our lives to continue the work on our own, which is really why I invested in the coaching. She is extremely knowledgeable on the muscle front but also very understanding about us being mere mortals who lack discipline and need to be pushed sometimes! I would thoroughly recommend Tracy as she is very human and treats each client in a bespoke way that makes fitness fit into your life, rather than the other way around.”

Amanda K (and Tom), August 2020

“I have been working with Tracy for 7 months, following early retirement with MS. Tracy’s 1-1 sessions are great fun and upbeat. Even on a really bad MS day, I can contact Tracy and she will adapt the session to what I can do that day. Tracy does the exercises with you, which is really beneficial if I’m having a “brain fog” day. Tracy gives lots of feedback, so you know how you are doing and what you need to do or change.

Skype sessions during the lockdown have been so beneficial for me, being in the vulnerable group. I really look forward and really enjoy the Thursday session. I have a great MS team of specialist people, who aid me to stay independent, mobile and mentally healthy. Tracy is most definitely a valued member of that team. Highly recommend Tracy and Griffen Fitness, whether you have a disability or not.”

Jeanette, July 2020

“Highly recommend Tracy, always positive, always personal and always creative! No better example of her commitment and support than her swift switch to virtual one to one PT sessions to keep me motivated in Lockdown. I wasn’t sure how these would work out but they’ve been fab and a welcome weekly fix of upbeat and tailored exercise (and camera means Tracy can still pull you up on any lazy posture or form, so no slacking!).

I’ve discovered a whole range of ways to train at home with some improvised equipment and some handy stretches for combating the discomfort of working at home. Looking forward to getting back out into Pilrig Park for some socially distanced PT sessions soon! Thanks Tracy for all your support during last few weeks, it’s made a big difference physically and mentally, always something to look forward to!”

Adam T, May 2020

HOME FITNESS:It was brilliant to have a virtual PT session with Tracy today. I felt much more positive and energised afterwards – after too many hours sitting on my sofa and at my keyboard. Everyone needs a dose of Griffen Fitness – especially when dealing with the stress of a lockdown and global pandemic and the risk of becoming a total couch potato.”

Sophie U, April 2020

HOME FITNESS: “My friends and I tried an online workout with Tracy this week and it was just like being at the studio. We liked that she gave us feedback as we exercised, and most of all it was fun! I felt much more motivated to do a workout with a real live coach giving me feedback, rather than just watching a video on YouTube.”

Jenni H, March 2020

“In the 5 weeks I’ve been working out with Tracy, I’ve had great results which have motivated and inspired me to keep improving my fitness. Workouts are varied and you can do them at home. A ‘pug hug’ from Coco the fitness pug is an added incentive!

I would recommend Griffen Fitness wholeheartedly.”

Suzanne M, October 2019

I came to Tracy Griffen as someone who didn’t have the confidence to run in the park. Who didn’t have the confidence to do workouts in the gym. I was conscious how I looked and I let that hold me back from advancing my fitness goals.
After hearing about Tracy through a friend, I gave her a call…and my fitness world opened up from there!
From my first session with Tracy, I felt relaxed, at ease – I had found someone who could understand my fitness priorities and could adapt the programme around those goals. Excellent nutrition and fitness knowledge – clear, easy to follow guidance sent to me after each session. I was comfortable enough to run alone in the park, to do strength exercising at home and I can’t tell you how much this positively impacted both my physical and mental health!
The results were very clear and exceeded my expectations.
Shawn M, October 2019

“I have just completed Tracy’s five week programme and loved every minute. I am so impressed with her knowledge and understanding of nutrition and fitness and her ability to tailor the sessions to suit my abilities and needs. She is a real professional, giving me the tools to work at my fitness on my own. I liked the way she would email after a workout with comments and exercises I could do at home. Each session was demanding but fun! I came away each time feeling more confident and more determined than every to improve. I would recommend Tracy to anyone who is in need of positive and encouraging support to start on, or continue, their fitness and well-being journey.”

Hazel O’H, August 2019

“Tracy showed me lots of ways to incorporate exercise in to my daily routine. She is very considered in her approach, reassuring and responsive. But also expects you to do the work! (After all, no-one else can do it for you…) Great to have a private, 1 to 1 space, and her book is packed full of interesting and useful things.”

Claire M, July 2019

“My partner and I signed up for a block of 5 sessions. We weren’t sure what to expect but Tracy was incredibly supportive, down to earth and informative. She listened to what we were hoping for, as well as what we already enjoyed, and built her advice closely around that. We have had a much needed boost since the sessions and have continued with our own workouts. We do plan to review how we are doing with the likely possibility of returning to Tracy and Coco for some “top up” sessions in the future.”

Emma C, May 2019

“Tracy gave me the kick start I needed. She provided good support and advice and I enjoyed the weekly sessions. And there’s a Coco the pug (should you need a motivational fitness pug – which I did!). Recommended.”

Sue B, May 2019

“I’ve just finished a 5 session course with Tracy. I was very impressed with her knowledge about my limitations, regarding my knee replacement. I felt that everything we did was safe, which is a big consideration for me. I was able to take my dog with me and Tracy was very patient with her. I was very pleased with the results and I’m feeling fitter and more lively.”

Yvonne M, April 2019

“Tracy is amazing! She planned a fitness program tailored to my fitness style and goals. If you are looking for results, I would highly recommend Tracy!”

Maria O, April 2019

“Such a fabulous experience. It was so nice to be supported on my journey to getting fitter. The advice was excellent, the level was just perfect and Tracy was patient and encouraging at all times. I felt totally comfortable with the one to one sessions which were varied and stimulating and thanks to Tracy’s suggestion, my wobble board has transformed my core muscles and sense of balance. As well as your fitness training, Tracy offers: nutritional information, PDF’s of all your workouts & email support – a bargain!”

Louise O, March 2019

“Sessions with Tracy are really rewarding – hard work but very enjoyable too. Tracy has a lovely positive, encouraging manner and she has given me confidence and inspiration to continue improving fitness and well-being.”

Anne E, March 2019

“My partner and I did a couple of 5 session blocks. We were at different levels of fitness and motivation but Tracy made each one work for both of us and kept us engaged with a range of cardio, strength and stretching. No hesitation in recommending Tracy to sort you out!”

Katie B, February 2019

“We were delighted to host a talk led by Tracy during the Wellbeing in the West End festival. ‘Eat Like an Athlete: The Easy Way’ was hugely informative, insightful and easy to follow. Tracy engages with her audience and her expertise is translated to usable, manageable and achievable systems, for a complete range of clients. Highly recommended!”

Roots Deli, February 2019

“Working with Tracy was just what I needed to get myself back into a fitness routine. I especially enjoyed being able to talk to her about nutrition, and getting some really effective strength workouts that I can do at home and fit easily into my weekly routine.”

Jenni H, December 2018

“I’m a lady of 78 years, and I first contacted Tracy to see if there was anything she could do help me develop my strength and balance after a period of difficulty with falls and muscle pain. I was not hopeful, to be honest.

Tracy designed a programme that could be done from a seated position, and also while standing safely. I began to feel the benefit after about a couple of weeks, and now do my strength workout most days. My doctor urged me to continue, and I’d advise anyone at my stage in life to do the same. Thanks Tracy!”

Jean A, November 2018

“Tracy has been a great trainer for me. She’s listened to my needs and enabled me to feel capable of taking charge of my own fitness.She’s pushed me out of my comfort zone and shown me what I’m capable of. Throughout our training, I’ve learned a real range of possibilities – in-door, out-door, shorter options etc. There’s no excuse now!” 🙂

Jess A, August 2018

“I signed up for a 5-session block with Tracy and it was absolutely brilliant. She created a bespoke training plan for me as I already had a lot of running experience and I had specific goals of wanting to start training for a full marathon and also get more core and upper body strength. Tracy gave me personalised workouts to do at home, and she was really supportive and helpful in my studio/park sessions with her. I thoroughly enjoyed my 5-session block with her and will be going back for some “top-up” sessions in the future.”

Sheila M, June 2018

“My fiancé and I worked with Tracy together for a few months leading up to our wedding. I recommend her enthusiastically. She listened carefully to my goals, and with her help and her detailed (but extremely doable!) training plans, I fully achieved the results I was hoping for. What more can you ask for in a personal trainer?! Tracy is easygoing, non-judgmental, encouraging, and dedicated to her work as a trainer. I’m so glad we found her.”

Rachel B, May 2018

“Tracy is a star. True to her logo ‘get fit and enjoy it’ she makes sessions fun and varied and helps you set and achieve results – if you put the work in :). It’s easy for fitness to come last and having the sessions with her has proved to be a great resource while coping with a demanding and busy job. I have really enjoyed the mix of outdoors and indoors workouts and her constant patience and cheer and love of all things Leith. Recommended!”

Sophie U, April 2018

“Tracy is amazing! She is professional but very approachable. I needed a tailored strength program to help my running. Within three sessions we had several short programs which I could incorporate daily into my routine and also a wonderful outdoors program which I could do whilst out on a run. The programs are short but challenging and if I’m consistent and keep up with them, I know my running will improve. I will be back for more soon Tracy. Thank you once again for all your help and support.”

Bronwyn A, April 2018

Did 5 sessions with Tracy as a block, best choice I made last year and really helped me get motivated before the start of 2018. Particularly appreciated how Tracy shaped the sessions to my interests and experience. Many thanks and see you again later this year I am sure.

Tom R, February 2018

It took me years to add on a pound here and one there (easily done after pregnancy and with still breastfeeding a toddler), and it’ll probably take a while to get all of ’em extra pounds back off – but after 5 sessions with Tracy (and following the tailor-made exercise program in-between sessions), I actually managed to get myself into a pair of trousers that I’d been trying to sell as they’d gotten too small! Am pleased and glad to get back into exercising, all thanks to the support and encouragement of Tracy. Would definitely recommend her!

Barbara W, October 2017

I highly recommend Tracy. I made the decision in July I needed to get exercising and wanted to find someone local in Leith. Came across Tracy’s website send her an email and that was the start. A very warm welcoming instructor and her sessions are fun!!! Give her a call/email and you won’t look back.

Audrey S, September 2017

Tracy has helped me over many years maintain my fitness when suffering from arthritic knees, and more recently undertake rehabilitation after a total knee replacement. Her approach was progressive, encouraging but also demanding, where necessary, introducing new exercises into the programme as my leg strength has developed. I have enjoyed working with Tracy and would recommend to anyone who finds themselves in a similar situation to me.

Jo S, August 2017

Tracy has been helping me work on strength & conditioning. Each session is fun and varied and can easily be adapted to do at home. The girl knows her stuff! Would definitely recommend.

Gwen D, August 2017

I’m a reluctant exerciser, but Tracy is so motivating and inspiring! I end up coming away from our sessions feeling empowered and great… She’s really changed my views about physical activities. Highly recommend contacting her if you want to get healthier and don’t know where to start, or if you need variety and more fun in your work outs since she personalises everything to you and your needs/wants. She’s awesome 🙂

Becky F, October 2016

“Tracy is fantastic on so many levels; enthusiastic, challenging and varied with a common sense approach to all aspects of daily fitness, health and well-being. Highly recommended!”

– Jane N, August 2016 Facebook review

“I feel the main thing that Tracy helped me with was to help me establish the exercise regime of my choice – namely a variety, mostly outdoors and minimal equipment. I also strengthened my understanding of what my body’s response is when undertaking increased levels of aerobic exercise for sustained periods. I found myself confiding life-long exercise difficulties with Tracy…she listens and offers forward looking suggestions and tips…the whole experience of personal training was really helpful. Thank you!”

Alison T, July 2016

Just had a refresher session with Tracy and although I hadn’t specified exactly what I was looking for, what she did during the hour was exactly what was required. I’m now back on track to improve my strength and fitness, which will help my running and should reduce my weight even further. Thanks Tracy, I’m looking forward to the next session already!

Tom Hall, April 2016

I always get great advice and support when working Tracy. The workouts stretched me but didn’t make me feel like I wanted to avoid them. She really built up my confidence and made me feel I could do more. There was also lots of practical ways to add exercise to my day and good nutritional advice which was a bonus.
Helped me turn my life around and if I can run a 5k then anyone can! Tracy Griffen – helping make the impossible very possible.

Eilidh Donaldson, March 2016

I worked with Tracy for 5 weeks to give my fitness routines a boost. Now feeling more energised than ever, and even in that short time I achieved great results. Tracy is motivating without being intimidating. I’ll definitely be back. The 5-week session was perfect for someone like me, who regularly works out, but wants a short burst of training to revamp their routines.

Lee MacGregor, May 2016

If you’re stuck in a rut and would like to improve your fitness level but don’t quite know how to go about it, go make an appointment with Tracy. I am so glad that I did. Tracy helped me to change my mindset to exercise by devising a fitness programme that I could manage and more importantly for me a programme that I now want to follow. Tracy introduced me to 30 min sessions of brisk walking using a cardio monitor, and I just can’t believe how much I love it! Me loving exercise? Never thought I’d say that! Exercise is only part of the story, Tracy also encouraged me to think about my diet, using a food diary. Seeing what you eat in black and white sure makes you want to make a few tweaks! It’s now 7 weeks since I started my sessions and yes I’m delighted that I have lost inches and weight, but much than that I feel so much more positive about my health. I am stronger, have better stamina and just happier in my own skin. I owe Tracy my thanks for sharing her knowledge in a such a kind way.

Carol Gentle, June 2016

Exercise and me never got on! I hadn’t done any fitness training apart from PE lessons at school until I went along to work with Tracy. The last few weeks have been challenging for her to change my mindset of not enjoying exercise, however I can say that she has succeeded! The results are undeniable ….. I feel fitter and more toned and am determined to continue with the fitness plan Tracy devised. Thanks for all your help Tracy!

Katrina Richardson, June 2016

If there was one thing that I thought had been life changing in the last 12 months, it would be signing up to do exercise with Tracy. I started this year being about two stone overweight, with low body confidence, but most importantly with absolutely no experience of exercising. At school, I had been the child who handed in the sick notes, and made excuses, and as an adult I used the fact that I walk around quite a lot as a way of saying that I was “healthy”. But in truth I wasn’t, and with Tracy’s care, diligence, and good humour, all that has changed. I have lost the two stone, have more energy, am happier, am more focused, and strangest of all… I look forward to exercise. I used to roll my eyes are people who went running in the morning, or did Zumba, or enjoyed a good stretch, and now I am one of them! I look forward to my sessions with Tracy, I find myself genuinely wanting to get better and to do more, and when I get there I feel a buzz I’ve never experienced before. Tracy’s approach means that you settle in to exercise in your own way. It’s entirely tailored to you, and although you feel that you’re working, it’s nothing like the shouty, mean, aggressive fitness sessions you see on TV that get short term fixes but not long term results. Tracy is firm, and she does get you to stick to things, but she’s also fair, and she works with you to try and make exercise and a healthy lifestyle fit realistically into your life. She’ll even let you eat chocolate cake if that’s what you’re craving. Her approach means that being healthy will really be a consistent part of my life from now on, and for someone who didn’t even used to own trainers, is incredible. Thank you Tracy for everything – looking forward to 2016!

Georgia A, December 2015

“Working with Tracy to improve fitness was a great experience – she is motivating and supportive. I saw results in just 6 weeks and now have loads and loads of ideas and tips around exercise and diet that I can incorporate into my daily life – and methods to make it easier to do so. I would recommend Tracy to anyone looking to improve fitness in a manageable way that works for you as an individual. Keep your eye out and you might see me running round Leith Links and using a bench for my strength workout!”

Michelle D, May 2015.

I contacted Tracy when my son left university to see if she could help him with his overall fitness and adapting a healthy lifestyle. Tracy listened to my son’s needs and tailored a programme that specifically focused on improving his nutrition, developing a healthy eating plan and building regular exercise into his day to day schedule. Over the past eighteen months they have worked together weekly with Tracey encouraging him all the way.

The training programme Tracy developed was adapted regular working both inside and outside the studio changing the exercise regularly and she kept him motivated throughout the whole process. I have seen my son become far more confident, healthy, happy and very fit and after losing 4½ stone people often don’t recognize him. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Tracy – Griffin Fitness to potential new clients. Give her a ring, she’s friendly, listens to your requirements and can definitely help you get to where you want to go.

Geraldine C, November 2014

I had a five session fitness block with Tracy in May and June 2014. After listening to my needs, she tailored a programme which focused on the areas I was looking to target – improving my cycling strength and all round fitness, as well as strengthening my back after some recent issues. The programme Tracy put together was easy to follow and fitted perfectly into my day-to-day life. I really felt the benefit of working with her and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone.

Craig MacL, July 2014

Tracy helped me return to running when I lacked motivation and fitness after injury. By tweaking my running routine and introducing heart rate and strength training I now feel stronger, fitter and faster. Tracy was great at giving me both nutritional advice and tips to help incorporate exercise into a busy schedule. We worked outside and in the studio to combine strength and cardio – it was great fun and I was able to work at my own pace – but the push from Tracy kept me motivated and working hard! Her tailored training plan is both engaging and gets results. Also Tracy is upbeat, friendly and genuinely interested in your progress, which I think can be just as important as the training plan!

Anna B, March 2014

When I could no longer fit into a single one of my work-suits, my increasing weight had gone from being something I could pretend was not a problem to an expensive problem I had to deal with. I came to Tracy challenging her to help me fit back into my old suits for the same fee as I would have spent on new ones. My other challenge was for her to help me find my love for running again. After six weekly 1 hour sessions with Tracy, I was back in my suits. After eight weeks I was back in my pre-pregnancy skinny jeans. After ten weeks I was in love with running again and I had lost 10 kg.

Why did it work for me? I put it down partly to having a competent training ‘buddy’ who wants you to do well, who encourages you and who challenges you to do more, go farther and to go faster; someone who holds you accountable for the promises you make to yourself. But it is also her use of apps and online tools to encourage a lifestyle change through diet and variety of exercise. Having Tracy chasing me around my garden in the rain with cans of coconut milk for weights or any of the fab props she brings for our sessions is both time and money very well invested.
I would recommend her anytime!

Cecilia W, November 2013

This probably sounds dramatic and a bit over the top, but with Tracy’s help I feel I now have an opportunity to change my life and potentially live longer, enjoying life.   I can’t emphasise enough the sense of shock when Tracy measured my weight and body fat on my first day – I was obese and I thought I was just a bit overweight.  Hearing the word obese was enough to motivate me to take on board very seriously all of the advice Tracy gave me.  She has provided me with the tools to improve my health, lose weight, strengthen my body and most importantly begin to understand the significance of what and when you put fuel into your body.  I was a chocoholic and one of the positive things for me was knowing that I didn’t have to give it up all together. I was a bar of chocolate a day man and now i’m maybe eating a piece of chocolate a day, but better quality!  But I’m eating more fruit and veg and loving it – Tracy’s book is fantastic too – all sorts of tips and recipes.

I’m exercising regularly and it’s fun, particularly when you realise how much better you feel. And the good part, in six weeks I’ve lost three inches off my waist, lost half a stone in weight, improved my blood pressure level, reduced my body fat to the point where with a little more effort I will be in the acceptable range!  My stamina for running has improved and I feel stronger, oh yes and looking in the mirror isn’t as frightening as it used to be!

It’s great working with Tracy and her knowledge of her fitness and nutrition is absolutely amazing!  If you have been hesitating on engaging the services of a personal trainer, look no further.  Don’t think of it in monetary terms, this is an investment in your life!

John McL, August 2013

The time I spent training with Tracy was a breath of fresh air.  She managed to push me much further than I thought I could go, but always in such a friendly and supportive way that I never felt like I was in a nightmare PE lesson!  Her approach is calm but upbeat, she’s non-judgmental but her passion for healthy living really is infectious.  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Tracy to anyone looking to learn the skills that will build them a healthier future.

Louise M, July 2013

I first contacted Tracy in June 2012. The previous month, I’d just become a father for the second time and after getting through the new baby “fog” (lack of sleep), I realised that by supporting my wife and also eating for two, I was overweight, unfit and had a real low self esteem. I needed to do something and contacted Tracy after seeing her in the local press.

After six months, I’ve lost about 19kg, reduced my body fat by 6% and lost 8.5 inches off my waist. More importantly, my blood pressure is now normal, I’m buying size Large clothes (not XXL) which my wife says has boosted my confidence and I can play with my kids without losing my breath. Tracy’s role has been central in achieving these results including excellent dietary advice, varied training sessions involving circuit training, running, weights work, band work (which has led to a new personal “addiction” to running) – all without being too “preachy”, getting me to a place I’d never thought I’d achieve. Thank you Tracy.

Dan R, January 2013

The Fitness Diaries

Tracy trained the publisher of Bite magazine, with an ongoing journal ‘The Fitness Diaries’ published monthly in Bite from June 2005 onwards:
Reproduced with kind permission of Bite.

June 2005

“Would you like to get into shape for the summer but have no spare time?”
When I read the above advert, it sounded right up my street. So, over the next three months (and in the interests of journalism) I’m committing to following the ‘Fitness With Tracy Griffen’ programme. You, dear reader, get to read all about my success or failure.

What most attracted me to Tracy’s programme is that it’s tailored to the individual. We all know that you can lose weight by eating less and exercising more, yet many of us fail to reach our goal. This is partially because we have our individual weaknesses, chocolate and alcohol being just two I’ll admit to.

My initial consultation involved me keeping a food diary and alcohol audit so that Tracy could assess my habits. My diary revealed some good things and some bad. Generally I make good food choices and enjoy exercise. However, I tend to eat late at night and my body has become used to the low impact exercise I do.

Together we set a simple goal: to get into my old jeans. Tracy suggested a 6 week time frame. She also recommended that I work on two specific things to start with. Firstly, eating more earlier in the day and less towards the evening, with no snacking after 9pm. Secondly, to shake up my exercise routine by running and swimming smaller distances and increasing the speed. These two simple changes should assist will burning fat and becoming leaner.

I left my first session feeling that the initial changes Tracy asked me to make were very achievable. I am writing this article mid May, so that gives me five weeks. We’re meeting on a weekly basis over the coming weeks, so next month I’ll update you and let you know whether I am into those jeans!

July 2005

As regular Bite readers will know I have committed to the Tracy Griffen fitness programme for 3 months. My goal is to get into my old jeans within the first 6 weeks so what have I achieved in four?

Tracy has tailored my programme to fit my lifestyle. In her initial consultation she looked at my habits via a food and alcohol audit and suggested that changing two would see fast results. Firstly I was to eat earlier in the day and banish my bad habit of late night snacking, specifically I was to not eat anything after 9pm. Secondly I was to do 3 sets of 20 mins of high intensity cardio 3 times a week.

I have changed my habit of late night snacking and have become a herbal tea jenny, sipping away on peppermint, nettle or fennel. This has made me feel far less sluggish at night and in the morning and has been a very good habit to break. I have also tried to do the 3 sets of cardio. It’s not too much to ask is it? A weekly consultation with Tracy has kept me motivated as have some frantic texts (Q: I have severe munchies, what do I do? A: unsalted popcorn; Q: Do I have to run tonight? A: Think how good you’ll feel in 20 mins))

The result: after 4 weeks my clothes are looser and my overall fitness level is a lot better as my metabolism is working faster. In fact both mentally and physically I feel stronger, more capable and far less stressed! People have commented that I look well and my boyfriend says my bum is definitely smaller!

The main benefit of the program is that it is specifically designed for me and I have constant access to professional advice. As for those jeans? Watch This Space!

August 2005

I have been following the Tracy Griffen fitness programme for precisely two months. This page has the title Mind, Body, Soul. Using these headings, I will tell you how the programme has affected me.

Mind – Two things have been key here. Firstly, motivation A weekly session with Tracy has kept me on track. It ensures that I am doing the exercises properly and thus getting the maximum benefit from them. Nothing beats one to one tuition and constant access (via phone, text, email) to expert advice.

Secondly I have changed my habits. I now eat the bulk of my food earlier in the day which means I am more likely to burn the calories. Alcohol has been a tough one but once I realised how many calories I have to burn after a drink before I start to burn fat, I got a wake up call.

It’s a psychological thing! You can change if you want to!

Body – I am leaner, more toned and my fitness levels have improved dramatically. I can now exercise practically every day and I no longer feel achy or tired. I regularly run and swim as well as doing yoga once a week and trying to walk and cycle more. I also follow Tracy’s strength and stretching programme which involves abdominal exercises, lunges, squats and weights. Basically I am doing more exercise than I would have thought possible two months ago.

Soul – I feel tons better. I realise that diet and exercise are long term, lifestyle changes. We really are what we eat, and if you fill your body full of nutrients not only do you perform better but you feel better all day everyday. Life becomes less stressed and more relaxed and you start to appreciate the important things more New age pyschobabble it may be, but it beats sugar cravings and hangovers!

Result? Yes, I can fit into my old jeans! More news next month…

September 2005

When I signed up for my fitness with Tracy Griffen programme 3 months ago I expected to lose weight, tone up and become fitter and I have indeed achieved all these things. However, I think it is also important to emphasise what I have gained over and above this and the lifestyle changes I have experienced.

When I started the programme I thought I ate quite well and was relatively fit, however, with hindsight I now realise that I was inconsistent with my eating and exercise. Exercise is now part of my life. I start to miss running if I haven’t been out for two or three days, and once you regularly exercise you naturally think more about what you eat and drink. So, for example, I don’t drink too much on a Friday because I now like running on a Saturday morning. I also eat lots of fruit and complex carbohydrates like porridge and muesli because I know they will give me energy for my lunch or teatime run. And you have to drink plenty of water.

As a result my PMT is significantly better, my hair, skin and nails are noticeably better and mentally I am more alert and less stressed. I also feel physically stronger and am able to fight off colds etc more easily. I don’t get over tired when shopping or running around town and I generally have more energy and a more positive attitude towards life and all it has to offer.

And lastly my friends have started to follow suit. Two have started running, one has taken on her own west coast based fitness trainer and my sixty six year old mother phoned me this weekend to tell me she has joined the local gym!

All the above alongside a weekly consultation and updated exercise programme from Tracy has ensured that I keep motivated. If you would like to change your life for the better, contact Tracy.