Your Food Diary Instructions:

 –  Please record everything you eat and drink for a week. You can choose any week prior to your first Personal Training session.
–  Add up total water consumption and alcohol (converted to units as per audit INSERT LINK TO PAGE) at the end of each day.
– With food, please write approximate amount of what you’ve eaten (i.e. small handful cashews, 3 oatcakes etc)
– There is also a column for time of day or eating/ drinking – please write in it…
– Don’t be afraid of writing EVERYTHING down!
Day / Date: ……………..
Time Meal Drink
 Morning Snack:
 Afternoon Snack:
 Evening Snack:
Units Alcohol: 200mL cups water:
Please ensure to write the time of eating / drinking in the left hand column,  and also approx portion sizes