Sitting on front 1/3 of seat, legs at ninety degrees. Sit up straight and look straight ahead

  • toes taps
  • shoulder lift and circles
  • side bends for two counts
  • twists with hands on same shoulder
  • knees lifts with chest press
  • tapping feet forward with arms out to the side
  • side taps with feet
  • heel dig, with bicep curls
  • canoe
  • hip walk with hands on side of chair
  • marching with arms and feet
  • big circles with arms

Strength with light weights

  • low row, squeezing back and holding
  • side bends
  • pec dec
  • leg extensions, lift and extend with single weight on lower thigh
  • triceps kickback

With pole / back of chair


  • outer thigh, 2 counts and singles, can bend knee to increase
  • inner thigh, instep diagonally across
  • lunges holding pole / chair by side
  • buns holding pole / chair in front, with quad stretch holding on.
  • Stretch inner thigh (football stretch) with pole in middle


  • leg straight, heel to floor and lean forward (back of leg)
  • tricep stretch
  • side lean with straight arm up
  • chest stretching holding back of chair
  • shoulder stretch
  • ‘Good morning’ stretch up