Ten Runs From Leith

May was a good month to map my ten favourite runs that leave from Griffen Fitness, Balfour Street, Leith, and return to same point (postcode EH6 5BY). All runs are 5km to 10km and as off-road as possible. I drew the routes on an old Spokes map of Edinburgh, it looks a bit like the tube map of London.

running map of Leith

Enjoy trying the routes, and tweet #10runsfromLeith with photos from your run:

Run 1: Restalrig loop (green)
My regular 5km run: Leith Walk, Lorne Street, Easter Road, then along Restalrig cycle path. Follow the cycle path past Hibs stadium, and past Seafield turn-off, onto Leith Links. Running on the grass past Leith Links allotments (our first plot!) to Academy street (home of Leith Festival), through Kirkgate and up (on the road today) Leith Walk to Balfour Street…

Run 2: Covid 19 Ferry Road loop (red)
I usually avoid Ferry Road but main roads are good at the moment, running on the road facing traffic at times to allow space. The other time Ferry Road is a good run is when it’s heavy snow, as it’s always melted around main roads.

Run 3: Hunters Bog (orange 1)
Smell the coconut! The gorgeous smell and bright yellow of gorse in spring. Uphill to Holyrood park to the far end of Salisbury Crags, then the VIEW (see photo above) and downhill via Hunters Bog, back to Leith. Around 7km.

Run 4: Newtown View loop (purple)
Through St Marks Park and Cannonmills tunnel to George IV park, Eyre crescent, Dundas street, through to Royal Circus. Up India street, zig zagging back via Jamaica streets, Northumberland, Dublin meuse, Broughton market. Over Broughton Street and through to Leith Walk… A favourite winter evening route, wide footpaths and fancy front rooms in Edinburgh New Town. Around 6km – 7km.

Run 5: Leith Links (pink)
Not only is Leith Links interesting historically (it’s where the first rules of golf were recorded in 1744), but it’s 2.5km around the perimeter. Do two loops and you’ve done 5km. At the moment Leith Gardens is shut to traffic, you don’t even need to wait for traffic lights. How civilised. We do a gentle jog down to the Links, then open up the gas and run a fast 5km, with a jog back cool down.

Run 6: Lochend Park (black)
Put my headphones on… A good song came on, so I was out the door and plodding to Lochend park. I gave myself permission to come home after 10 minutes of running, or by around the loch, but I was enjoying myself (and the music) so ran on the grass through Holyrood park instead. Had a friendly dog join me for a bit too!

Running on the road down Easter Road, my Running Spotify playlist helps me on low motivation days… and the rain went away!

Run 7: Leith Shore loop (dark blue)
A favourite 5km route with my PT clients, along the cycle path from Newhaven Road, along Water of Leith (look for the swans) through Dock Place and around the bridge. We return via the Shore and Henderson Street.

Run 8: Calton Hill (brown)
Hill training is essential for leg strength, and Edinburgh has many hills to choose from. This run starts up Easter Road and Abbeyhill, down other side and up Jacob’s Ladder steps 2 AT A TIME. Then up Calton Hill for a brief appreciation of the view back down via London Road Gardens and down Leith Walk.

path down from Arthurs Seat

Run 9: Arthur’s Seat (orange 2)
A longer run in the sunshine, the one we call ‘Up and Over’. Up Easter road and Queens Drive in Holyrood park to the back of Arthur’s Seat. Up and Over the big hill (Arthur’s Seat) with a careful scramble down. Back via Abbeyhill and Easter Road.

Run 10: Platinum Point park (gold, goes off map)
Choose a sunny day with low wind, and jog down to Newhaven via the cycle path network, 5 ways and Trinity tunnel. Pop out on the coast then past the fishmarkets and the back of Next Generation gym. Follow the path to the end park for a cracking view of the Forth. Jog back up Newhaven Road.

Enjoy and remember to tweet #10runsfromLeith with photos from your run.